What does D(if) Labs do?

As global brands adjust to respond to newly uncovered demands, new risks and opportunities have emerged.

D(if) Labs was created to meet the needs of organizations who want to design from disability to delight all customers and employees. Those immediate needs are:

  • facilitate the sharing of information
  • create new insights gathering mechanisms to design better experiences for everyone.

The Return on Disability Group

We are a data-driven consulting boutique that leverages disability (identity and functionality) to help our clients delight their customers and employees (while complying with global regulations).

For Our Clients:
Consumer and Employee Insights Gathering/Analysis – We employ specialized market research methodologies targeting core market breakthroughs achieved by studying how people with disabilities (PWD) consume products and interact with environments.

Product and Experience Design – We help companies adjust their products, Customer Experience and Employee Experience. We teach our clients how to embed insights and models into their design process for scale and continuous improvement.

Go To Market – Adjusting to demand is made simple with our guidance. We know what is important and help our clients avoid compliance mistakes by focusing on delight – while complying with regulations.

Meet the Founders

Building on 18 years of hard lessons in “accessibility” and disability markets, D(if) Labs’ Founders have one goal: to connect people with disability directly to designers, marketers, and HR professionals via actionable market research. Tell us what you want – we listen in a way that changes experiences for all. You talk. We listen. Brands build better experiences.