Joining the Panel

By joining D(if) Labs as a panelist, you share your experiences with the best design teams in the world, helping them build better “stuff.” All from your experience with your disability. Oh, you get paid too.

Show us the way.

You are the expert. Help shape tomorrow’s experiences for people with disabilities.

Get paid.

Your input and time are valuable. D(if) Labs pays panellists for their input.

Be a leader.

Own your future by shaping the future for people with disabilities.

Build our economy.

By helping companies understand what you want, they serve and hire more people.

Ignite better design.

Innovation comes from unique experience. You force faster and better adaptation.

Be the next breakthrough.

Leaps happen from need. Push global brands outside their comfort zone.

Learn new stuff.

Panelists get exposed to new ideas and cutting-edge thinking.

Change the world.

No pressure or anything.

D(if) Labs’ Mission

Design of great experiences start with understanding how people use things. Experienced designers do not understand how people with disabilities use things. D(if) Labs exists to gather insights into how people with disabilities consume products, services, careers, and everything in between to guide designers to build better experiences for everyone.

Ask the right questions.

Our team has listened to thousands of people with disabilities. Our two favourite questions are “what do you mean by that?” and “can you tell me more?” Knowing when and how to encourage users to go further and deeper is our secret sauce brewed from listening carefully.

Translate for designers.

It takes time to understand users. Our team leverages our deep experience for designers in the early engagements, while teaching along the way. We speak disability, design, and finance to leap along the learning curve with quick wins and products “on-shelf.”

Success creates change.

Want change? Create a win. Repeat the win. Grow the win. Turn the win into a process. D(if) Labs seeds this change with information as an enduring asset. By understanding use, designers incorporate new factors in design. With wins, leaders demand those new factors are incorporated into every experience. Start the cycle. Ask the question. What do you want?

What is D(if) Labs?

An offering of The Return on Disability Group, D(if) Labs provides large organizations a way to listen to how people with disabilities experience their products and services. The name recognizes that Disability is a function of Identity and Functionality, brought together to create better experiences in the design laboratories of the best brands and public sector organizations in the world. Our goal is clear: improve experience by providing better information on how people with disabilities consume products, services, and careers.

Young blinded man using phone and sending voice message